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Use our Chapter Locator to see if a chapter of Theta Nu Xi already exists on your campus or in your area. If one does not already exist, and you are interested in establishing a chapter, the first step is to complete the Expansion Request Form.

Founding a chapter is a challenging and demanding project and it requires a high level of dedication on the part of the interested women. Criteria for expansion include, but are not limited to:

  • Sufficient interest from eligible undergraduate women with a strong desire and commitment to complete the expansion project
  • A demonstrated need and desire for Theta Nu Xi
  • Support for expansion from the Office of Greek Affairs

The criteria for GAP expansion includes, but are not limited to:

  • Having an area or region with a sufficient number of interested women
  • A strong desire and commitment from the interested women
  • A demonstrated need for Theta Nu Xi

Once the Sorority approves an expansion project, the women selected to participate are supported in the founding process by members of Theta Nu Xi, and are provided the necessary resources to ensure the success of the expansion project and future chapter.