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National Convention

August 2nd-4th

Newark, NJ
Convention Scholarship Fund

The Convention Committee would like to award seven full early bird convention scholarships and we believe we will need up to $2,800 to do this. We have currently reached 46% of our overall goal!


This is great progress but we still need your help!  These scholarships will provide sisters the opportunity to experience convention, represent their chapters, and be a present voice for our organization.


Please consider donating to support a fellow butterfly! You can easily donate using PayPal to by May 20, 2019. Make sure to send it as Friends/Family in order to avoid additional fees.

Need a Scholarship? Apply Today!

Do not forget about our ONEderful opportunity of requesting sponsorship for convention!

If you are in need of a full sponsorship to attend Convention 2019, please fill out the Convention Scholarship Request Form.


If awarded a scholarship, it will cover the full early bird convention fee (optional add-ons NOT included). All scholarship recipients will be notified of their award by the end of Early Bird Registration.


If you have any questions please email