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National Convention

August 7-9
Las Vegas, NV

General Inquiries & Registration Information
2020 Convention Committee

Convention Costs & Payment Plan
Jerri Kallam, Payments & Payment Plan Administrator

Award Bids & National Scholarships
Elizabeth Marconi Solano, Director of Administration

Elections & Legislation
Allycia Murphy, National Parliamentarian

Paraphernalia Pit Stop
Tristan Bailey, Director of Philanthropy and Fundraising

2020 National Convention Committee


Amanda Leonard Pohl Co-Chair

Sonina Hernández Mikkelsen Co-Chair

Jerri Kallam

Sharon Montelongo-Navar 

Ketzel Morales 

Edith R. Williams

LaTasha Golden

Nadira Mathlin 

Shauma Brown

Doniece Bolds

Katrina Santayana

Allycia Murphy

Tasha Gray

Saidae Brown

Ashley Crooks-Allen

Tristan Bailey

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding Convention 2020, please contact the Convention Committee at

For all inquiries related to the Convention website, contact the Director of Communications at