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Is your sorority a national organization? Which Greek governing council does your sorority belong to?
Yes, Theta Nu Xi is a national sorority. We are a member of the National Multicultural Greek Council (NMGC). At the local level, our undergraduate chapters are most often members of the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) or its equivalent on their campuses. In the absence of a MGC or equivalent council, our chapters may hold associate membership in their schools panhellenic council or its equivalent pursuant to council and school policies.
What makes your sorority multicultural?
Our Founders saw a need for a sorority that crossed the societal boundaries of race, religion, culture, and class. Although part of their vision included creating a sisterhood that physically exemplifies multiculturalism, the primary goal was to bring together women who believe in the ideal of multiculturalism and want to promote multiculturalism in their everyday lives.

Theta Nu Xi explicitly seeks members with multicultural ideals and interests; we seek to use our Sorority as a vehicle to educate the surrounding campus and community on issues of diversity.

What are your requirements for membership?
An undergraduate applicant for membership must be enrolled full-time and working toward a bachelor's degree. She must have, at minimum, a 2.75 cumulative grade point average, and have completed a full semester in a regular year's program. And, she cannot be a member of any other collegiate fraternal organization except for a purely honorary, professional, or service organization.

Applicants for GAP membership must have, at minimum, a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. In the case where an applicant is enrolled in a post-graduate degree program, she must have, at minimum, a 2.75 cumulative grade point average, and have completed one semester of a regular year's program. And, she cannot be a member of any other collegiate fraternal organization except for a purely honorary, professional, or service organization.

Individual chapters may have additional requirements for membership. If you are interested in joining Theta Nu Xi, you should contact the chapter of interest for more information regarding membership. For a listing of our chapters, visit our Chapter Locator page. If there currently isn't a chapter of Theta Nu Xi on your campus or in your city, visit our Expansion page for more information about how to start a chapter of Theta Nu Xi.

Can Freshmen join Theta Nu Xi?
Unless prohibited by college/university policy, second-semester freshmen are eligible to join Theta Nu Xi.
What is your pledge process like?
Similar to other Greek letter organizations, we keep our membership intake and initiation rituals private. The Sorority has a standard membership recruitment process and a membership education program during which aspirants learn about the history and values of Theta Nu Xi. Aspirants will also participate in activities designed to cultivate the lasting bonds of sisterhood. The program is designed to provide women with the knowledge, skills, and support to develop their leadership skills and to contribute to the Sorority.
Do you have sorority houses?
We do not have housing officially sanctioned or maintained by the Sorority. However, many of our members often live together(on or off campus) as a result of the close bonds they form.
How large are your chapters?
Our undergraduate chapters average about 10 members and are restricted to no more than 30 members. We encourage a smaller chapter size to enhance and preserve the experience of sisterhood. It allows each member to create lasting and tight-knit relationships. It is our belief that these relationships are integral to maintaining the quality and success of a diverse sisterhood.
What does GAP stand for?
GAP is an acronym for Graduate, Alumnae and Professional. The acronym is used when referring to non-collegiate members and chapters.
Where is your sorority located?
Theta Nu Xi was founded at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We have undergraduate chapters on campuses across the country, and GAP chapters in several major cities. For location and additional information about our chapters, use our Chapter Locator.
How much does it cost to join?
Initiation fees vary by chapter. If you are interested in joining Theta Nu Xi, and have questions about the fees, we encourage you to contact the chapter of interest. Use the Chapter Locator for location and contact information for our chapters.
What purpose does your sorority serve?
The objectives of Theta Nu Xi are to incorporate separate cultures into one life, to build self-esteem through sisterhood, to participate in service activities—especially those concerning diversity in the community, to encourage academic success and overall self-improvement, and to promote unity among fraternal organizations.
Is community service required?
Community service is a requirement of our members. Both our undergraduate and GAP chapters are required to complete a minimum number of service hours each year. Commitment to community service is something we expect of women interested in joining Theta Nu Xi.